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Did you know that Packaging Supply Depot is also one of the largest suppliers of Janitorial Supplies and Cleaning Supplies on Long Island?  In addition to corrugated boxes and shipping supplies, Packaging Supply Depot has a huge inventory of Janitorial Supplies on Long Island for immediate pick up or delivery. 

From toilet paper and towels to hand soap, Packaging Supply Depot has the inventory you need to get the job done.  If you don't see the item or brand you need listed on our site, please don't hesitate to ask.  We have thousands of additional items available for delivery in 1-2 days.

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Packaging Supply Depot
Long Island Janitorial Supply Line Card

Updated - November 2020

Paper Towels:
Select Prime Kitchen Paper Towels
Heavenly Soft Kitchen Paper Towels
Embassy Premium Kitchen Paper Towels
Cascades Select Kitchen Paper Towels
Livi Select Kitchen Paper Towels
Marcal Professional Kitchen Paper Towels
Plenty Ultra Premium Kitchen Paper Towels
Bounty Kitchen Paper Towels (when available)

Roll Towels:
Brown Roll Towels
White Roll Towels

Touch Free Roll Towel Systems

Center-Pull Towels:
Standard Center-Pull Towels
Premium Center-Pull Towels

C-Fold Towels:
Industrial Grade
Artisan Premium Grade C-Fold Towels

Multi-Fold Towels:
Marcal Standard Grade Multi-Fold Paper Towels

Toilet Paper:
Charmin Essentials Toilet Paper
Ultra Economy Toilet Paper
Society Hill Luxury Toilet Paper
Livi Deluxe Toilet Paper
Jumbo - Industrial Jumbo Toilet Tissue
Jumbo - Industrial Jumbo Toilet Tissue

Air Fresheners:
Air Wick Lavendar Air Freshener
Febreze Meadows and Rain Air Freshener
Glad Hawaiian Breeze Air Freshener

AAA Alkaline
AA Alkaline
C Alkaline
D Alkaline
9V Alkaline

Cleaning Chemicals - All Purpose:
Betco Spectaculoso Lavender All Purpose Cleaner

Cleaning Chemicals - Bathroom Cleaners:
Betco Rest Stop Acid Free Bowl Cleaners
Betco Best Bet Liquid Creme Cleansers

Cleaning Chemicals - Bleach:
Bleach Gallons
Bleach Quarts
Clorox Germicidal Bleach

Cleaning Chemicals - Glass Cleaner:
First Force Ammoniated Glass Cleaner
Betco Clear Image Non-Ammoniated Glass Cleaner
Simoniz Brite Glass Cleaner

Copy Paper:
8.5 x 11 White Copy Paper

Facial Tissue:
Economy Facial Tissue
Kleenex Brand Facial Tissue

Floor Care - Neutral Cleaners:
Betco ph7 Neutral Floor Cleaner

Floor Care - Floor Finish:
Betco Glare 18% Floor Finish
Hi-Tech High Speed Floor Finish

Floor Care - Strippers
Betco Ax-It Plus Very Aggressive Floor Stripper
Betco Extreme Heavy Duty Floor Stripper

Hand Sanitizer - Pump Bottles
Kutol 5619 8oz Pump Bottles
Purell with Aloe #9674 - 8oz Pumps
Purell #3659 - 12oz Pump Bottles
Purell #3639 - 12oz Pump Bottles with Aloe

Hand Soap - Industrial Hand Soap:
Red Blast Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
Orange Scrub Pumice Hand Cleaner
Sock It Extra Heavy with Pumice
Walnut Scrub Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Hand Soaps:
Lotion Velvet Pink Hand Soap
Green & Clean Hand Soap
Golden Antibacterial Hand Soap
Pink Pearlized Hand Soap

Hand Soaps - Pump Bottles:
Foam Luxury Hand Soap - 32oz Pump Bottles
Foam Antibacterial Hand Soap - 32oz Pump Bottles

Ice Melt:
Simoniz Winter Rinse Floor Cleaner
High Performance Ice Melt Blend - 25# Pails
High Performance Ice Melt Blend - 45# Pails
Peladow Calcium Chloride Ice Melt - 50# Pails

Colored Cotton Rags
Premium White T-Shirt Rags
Premium White Terry Rags

Sweeping Compound:
70# No Sand Drums

Trash Can Liners:

Drawstring - 13 Gallon Economy
Drawstring - 13 Gallon Glad
Drawstring - 13 Gallon Force Flex
24x33 - 12-16 Gallon
30x37 - 20-30 Gallon
33x40 - 33 Gallon
40x48 - 40-45 Gallon
38x60 - 60 Gallon
Blue Recycling Bags - 33x40
3 Mil Contractor Bags - 32x50
3 Mil Drum Liners - 36x59

Urinal Supplies:
Urinal Screens with Blocks
Disposable Urinal Floor Mats