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Packaging Supply Depot is one of the largest suppliers of custom boxes and other custom packaging supplies on Long Island.
From custom size boxes to printed tapes, our minimums are often low enough for even the smallest users. 

Custom Size Boxes:
Have an item that doesn't fit in a standard size box?  Why not have a box made to accomodate your item?  Pricing is competitive and samples can be made for approval. Please contact us today to discuss available options and pricing.

Custom Style Boxes:
A wide range of styles of custom boxes are available.  Some examples include:
- RSC (Regular Slotted Carton)

- 1/2 RSC (Slotted One Side)
- FTC (Full Telescope Carton)
- FOL (Full Overlap Carton)
- OPF (One Panel Folder)
- 5PF (Five Panel Folder)
- AFM (All Flaps Meet)

Custom Weight Boxes:
Standard weight boxes not protecting your product?  Experience damange during shipment?  Custom boxes can be made in a wide range of board weights.  Please contact us to discuss available options and pricing.

Custom Printed Boxes:

Printing directly on your packaging is a great way to communicate your branding and message to the marketplace.  Print your logo, contact information, character mascots, product names, barcodes, and more.  Please contact us for more information and current pricing today. 

Custom Printed Tapes:
-Custom Printed Polypropylene Tape - Available in all widths, lengths, colors, and thicknesses.  
-Custom Printed Water Activated Reinforced / Gummed Tape - Also available in a wide range of widths, lengths and grades.  Tape Color is generally either kraft or white.
-Custom Printed PVC and Masking Tape - Less commonly requested but readily available.  

Custom Protective Packaging (Bubble Rolls and Foam Rolls):
- Bubble - From time to time, a standard size doesn't suit a particular application.  Packaging Supply Depot has the ability to customize bubble rolls to suit your specific needs.  For example, bubble rolls can be custom cut to sizes such as 6", 16", or 36".  Perforations can also be eliminated or altered.  Several colors are also possible. 
- Foam - In much the same manner as bubble, customization of foam roll parameters is possible. 

Pricing on all Custom Products:
Special pricing is always available. Please contact Jordan at

Lead Time:
All custom products are manufactured to order and have slightly longer lead times than stock products.  Please contact us today to discuss your timeline and specific needs.