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7/13 - Did you that Packaging Supply Depot has a huge selection of disposable and work gloves in stock on Long Island?  We are constantly adding new nitrile gloves, latex gloves, and vinyl gloves to our local inventory.  All gloves are available for immediate pick up in Hauppauge or delivery within 48 hours on Long Island.  We are aware that times are challenging for many companies - Please visit the Promotions / On Sale sections for grades and styles of gloves that we are able to discount.

2/3 - Long Island's largest stock box program continues to grow.  We have added additional warehouse space and have tripled our inventory of 17% stock boxes.  Through 2/29/20, take 17% off 17" boxes with promo code SAVE17.  Online orders only.


4/15 -  Sometimes things just don't work out.  Did you know that we now have a section on our site dedicated to a wide range of economy / closeout items?  Visit our Amazing Deals section for more information today.


9/26 -
 Did you know that Packaging Supply Depot now stocks a full line of box cutters and utility knives?  New items include (1) Retractable Standard Duty Snap Off Knives (2) Retractable Heavy Duty Snap Off Knives (3) Heavy Duty Safety Snap Off Knives (4) Comfort Grip Knives (5) Comfort Grip Auto-Retractable Safety Knives (6) Light Duty Comfort Grip Knives and (7) Folding Utility Knives.  We will be adding additional items to our expanding line on a regular basis.  Please contact any member of our customer service team to discuss further.

8/29 - Full selection of Suffocation Warning Bags and Suffocation Labels now in stock on Long Island for immediate pick up or delivery.  Don't see the size you need?  More sizes are on the way.  Contact us to discuss further.

5/13 - Happy Mother's Day 2018!  Long Island's leading selection of bubble wrap and protective packaging products continues to grow.  New stock items in Hauppauge now include (1) 8" Wide Small Bubble x 250' Clear (2) 8" Wide Small Bubble x 250' Emerald Recycled (3) 16" Wide Large Bubble x 125' Emerald Recycled.  As with many of our other bubble items, all of these are available for puchase online or in store in single roll quantities.  Please check back for updates.


5/30 -
Happy Memorial Day 2016!  Since the beginning of 2016, we have added 75 box sizes to Long Island's largest inventory of stock boxes - We now have over 400 size boxes in stock in our Long Island warehouse for immediate pick up or delivery.  We can help you find the perfect box for any application - Please contact us for more information today.  Some new items are now in stock in our Long Island warehouse - (1) Polyurethane Soft Foam Sheets (2) 3" PVC Tape in both Clear and Tan (3) Bag Tapers (4) Natural Rubber Packing Tape in both clear and tan (5) 1/32 x 72" Foam Rolls (6) Additional sizes of foam pouches (7) Larger sizes of slider zip lock bags.  We are constantly adding items to Long Island's largest inventory of shipping supplies - Please check back for updates.

4/2 -  We are busy adding items to Long Island's leading selection of "IN STOCK" packaging and shipping supplies.  At Packaging Supply Depot, "IN STOCK" means the item is actually available if needed today - Not in 3-5 days with hundreds of dollars in shipping charges.  Items added  to our site today include cotton inspection gloves, laser labels, blank inventory labels, heavy duty black stretch wrap, and more.  We are also expanding our offering of foam pouches and bubble bags.  Visit our site for more information and current pricing today.


2/16 -
Happy President's Day from Packaging Supply Depot!  Our leading selection of stock shipping boxes on Long Island just got larger.  All sizes are available for same day pick up or next day delivery.  New shipping box sizes in stock include 6x6x30, 20x4x4, 20x6x6, and 20x8x8.  We are continuously adding new sizes to our stock box inventory.  Check the boxes section of our site on a regular basis for the most current selection of items in stock.

1/1 - Happy New Year from Packaging Supply Depot!


- We have again expanded our selection of corrugated boxes available for immediate pick or delivery on Long Island.  New sizes include 13x10x10, 14x8x6, 14x8x8, 14x10x4, 14x10x6, 14x10x8, 14x10x10, and more.  We also now stock indented kraft rolls in both 18" and 24".  Indented Kraft Rolls provide extra cushioning and are a great way to pack dishes and other kitchen items.  Please continue to check back for updates and new product additions.

7/4 - Happy 4th of July!  We just added 25 new sizes of poly bags to our Long Island based offering.  With well over 100 sizes of poly bags in stock for immediate pick up or delivery, Packaging Supply Depot has a poly bag for virtually any application.

5/24 - Over the course of this year, we have dramatically expanded our product offering.  New items for the month of May 2014 include (1) Green Biodegradable Bubble Wrap in dispenser boxes (2) an expanded selection of foam rolls and (3) an expansion in double wall box sizes.


- Over the course of October, we dramatically expanded our offering of Janitorial Supplies and Cleaning Supplies to our Long Island based customers.  We also added a new "Breakroom Supplies" section.  Over the course of November, we will add a full line of cups (foam, plastic, paper) as well as a wide range of commonly used Breakroom Supplies.

10/5 - We are happy to announce a wide range of product additions.  (1) Packaging Supply Depot now stocks Biodegradable Bubble on Long Island for immediate pick up or delivery.  Small and Medium Bubble in 12" widths are available.  (2) We have expanded our offering of flat poly bags and zip lock bags.  We have also added a full selection of paper and plastic twist ties.

7/7 - Shurtape HP235 is now available for purchase in both 2" and 3" wide rolls.  Please visit the "Tape < Carton Sealing" section of our site for more information.

6/26 - Our first shipment of Shurtape HP235 came in today.  HP235 is a new 2.0 Mil Hot Melt Carton Sealing Tape.  HP235's enhanced adhesive better adheres to highly recycled corrugated shipping containers.  This item will be added to our tape section and available for purchase shortly.  Packaging Supply Depot has one of the largest inventories of packing tape on Long Island - Please contact us for more information today.

6/22 - We added dozens of paper products to our Janitorial Supplies section.  With major brands like Bounty, Marcal, and Scott, we have every quality preference covered.  From roll towels to toilet tissue, if you need janitorial supplies or paper products delivered next day on Long Island, we can help!


Packaging Supply Depot is proud to serve industry on Long Island from Long Island.  Our warehouse is centrally located in Hauppauge - This allows us to quickly serve all of Suffolk County and Nassau County.  Deliveries are made with our own trucks and our own drivers - No more waiting for unreliable common carrier deliveries.

Can't wait until tomorrow for delivery?  Hundreds of items are available for same day pick up in Hauppauge.  Please call us at 631-524-5444 for more information.

We carry a full line of boxes, shipping supplies, janitorial supplies, and more - If you don't see what you are looking for, please call any member of our customer service team - It is likely the product you need is available with minimal lead time.

We are regularly expanding our inventory and adding new products.  Please check this page often for announcements, special offers, and more.